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Gregory Sherrow
Gregory Sherrow

I'm Gregory Sherrow and I hire people just like you.

I've been in the corporate IT world since the last century, web development since 1997, in web technology management since 2001, a remote team manager since 2006 and I've held directorship and VP positions over 100% remote teams while working from home. I can also claim remote freelance experience somewhere in that history as well as remote company entrepreneurial tendencies that I can't seem to shake.

I have spent years hiring, training and managing remote employees and establishing remote work policies as well as advising and mentoring individuals who want to live the dream of working from home.

I love every aspect of working from home and I will never return to an office.

Oh, yeah. And I raised two kids while working from home (probably the biggest challenge).

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Get Hired to Work From Home No Experience Required
Landing that perfect remote dream job is easy when you know the tricks
Gregory Sherrow
From Bootcamp to Remote Superstar
Land a remote job right out of bootcamp, degree or certification course that will quickly lead to a senior position.
Gregory Sherrow

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